7 Strategies to Increase Auto Dealership Reviews

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Updated: December 7, 2023
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Strategies Increase Customer Auto Dealership Reviews


In today’s digital era, where a single review can sway public opinion, your dealership’s online reputation isn’t just important—it’s critical. It’s the new frontier of marketing and customer engagement, where opinions shared online have the power to shape your brand’s image more than traditional advertising. This guide dives deep into innovative and effective strategies to increase your auto dealership reviews. It’s not just about managing your online presence; it’s about transforming it into a powerful magnet for customer attraction and loyalty.


Whether you’re battling negative reviews or looking to elevate positive feedback, this is your roadmap to mastering the art of online reputation. It will set your dealership apart in a competitive market and magnetize more customer auto dealership reviews.

Auto Dealership Reviews statistics


Key Online Reputation Statistics:

  • A vast majority, 95%, of consumers refer to online reviews prior to making a purchase.
  • Negative online reviews lead 94% of customers to bypass a business.
  • For 81% of buyers, checking Google reviews is a typical first step before engaging with a business.
  • Online reviews boost trust in a business for 74% of consumers.
  • Only when supported by a substantial number of reviews do 68% of consumers trust a 5-star rating.


The Importance of Online Reputation and Auto Dealership Reviews

Importance of auto dealership reviews

Customer satisfaction plays a pivotal role in shaping the online reputation of an auto dealership. In an era where digital presence is as significant as physical presence, the impact of customer satisfaction extends far beyond the dealership’s doors. When customers are satisfied, they are more likely to share their positive experiences through online reviews and personal recommendations. Given that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (Bright Local), these shared experiences become powerful tools for influencing potential customers.


Moreover, the digital footprint created by these reviews forms a narrative that can significantly affect a dealership’s brand image and credibility. Active management of this online narrative is about monitoring what is being said, engaging with customers, addressing concerns, and showcasing a commitment to excellence. Such interaction enhances customer loyalty and attracts new clients, driven by the trustworthy and positive image reflected in the online reviews.


Therefore, prioritizing customer satisfaction is not a mere aspect of service delivery. It’s a strategic approach to building a robust and influential online presence. In the competitive landscape of auto sales, a dealership’s ability to outshine its competitors heavily relies on leveraging customer satisfaction to bolster its online reputation.


Establishing a Strong Online Presence with Auto Dealership Reviews


A robust online presence is crucial for any auto dealership looking to thrive in the digital marketplace. Prioritizing platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp is essential due to their widespread use and influence. In addition to these, automotive-specific sites draw significant traffic and are vital for reaching potential customers.


  • Cars.com: With approximately 15.5 million monthly unique visitors, this platform is a hub for car buyers and sellers, offering extensive exposure.
  • DealerRater.com: Attracting half a million visitors monthly, this site focuses on dealer reviews and influences customer choices.
  • Edmunds.com: Known for its comprehensive salesperson ratings and attracting around 14 million visitors monthly, Edmunds.com is influential in shaping opinions about dealerships.
  • Cargurus.com: This site has emerged as a critical player in the automotive marketplace, offering a blend of dealer reviews, car listings, and insightful articles.


Monitoring and actively engaging with reviews on these platforms is crucial. Regularly responding to positive and negative reviews shows prospective customers that your dealership values feedback and is committed to continuous improvement. This engagement boosts your reputation and auto dealership reviews and enhances your visibility and appeal to potential customers.


Transparency and Handling Negative Auto Dealership Reviews

Being honest about your auto dealership reviews and reputation


Transparency in managing online reviews, particularly negative ones, is a critical component of reputation management for auto dealerships. It embodies the principles of authenticity and honesty, as outlined by Social Media Today. When a dealership transparently addresses negative feedback, it demonstrates a commitment to accountability and customer service excellence.


Hootsuite’s emphasis on the detrimental effects of unaddressed negative reviews underscores the need for a proactive response strategy. When responding, it’s crucial to:


  1. Stay Calm and Composed: Emotionally charged responses can escalate the situation. Maintaining professionalism reflects positively on your dealership’s brand.
  2. Apologize Sincerely: A genuine apology shows empathy and understanding, acknowledging the customer’s experience.
  3. Offer Solutions: Providing actionable solutions to the customer’s concerns can turn a negative experience into a positive one. It shows that the dealership is willing to make amends and improve.
  4. Suggest Taking the Discussion Offline: Moving the conversation to a private channel (like phone or email) can provide a more personalized approach to resolving the issue.


This approach serves multiple purposes. It not only helps to mitigate the negative impact of such reviews but also publicly demonstrates the dealership’s dedication to resolving customer issues. This level of engagement and problem-solving can positively influence potential customers who see that the dealership values customer feedback and is committed to continuous improvement.


Encouraging Customers to Give You Auto Dealership Reviews

request auto dealership reviews


Genuine positive reviews stem from exceptional customer experiences. Tools like Reveo can streamline the process of requesting reviews post-purchase. While negative reviews are inevitable, a proactive approach to monitoring and responding to them is essential for maintaining a positive reputation. Real-time review monitoring, directing customers to specific review sites, and tracking reviews to individual sales representatives are key functions of an effective reputation management tool. This data can be invaluable in refining customer service and sales strategies, ultimately enhancing the customer experience and boosting profits.


Continual Collection of Auto Dealership Reviews


Online google auto dealership reviews and reputation managementThe ongoing collection of reviews is vital in maintaining and enhancing an auto dealership’s online reputation. In today’s digital marketplace, potential customers heavily rely on the quantity and freshness of reviews to make informed decisions. Newer reviews are perceived as more relevant, reflecting the current state of a business, and often carry more weight in a customer’s decision-making process.


Regularly updated reviews also contribute to improved search engine rankings, making the business more visible and accessible to potential customers. This dynamic cycle of receiving and displaying fresh feedback keeps the dealership’s online profile active and engaging and demonstrates a continuous commitment to customer satisfaction and responsiveness.


Employing effective methods like text messaging, which boasts a remarkable 99% open rate, is a strategic way to request reviews. The timing of these requests is equally important. Prompting customers for a review during or immediately after their visit capitalizes on their fresh experience, making them more likely to provide feedback. This enriches the number of reviews and ensures a steady stream of current and genuine customer experiences, portraying a real-time snapshot of the dealership’s service quality and customer satisfaction levels.

Showcasing Positive Reviews: The Key to Building Trust Using Auto Dealership Reviews


In the highly competitive automotive industry, where dealerships often offer similar vehicles, your dealership’s online reputation is crucial in attracting potential customers. Customer auto dealership reviews are central to shaping this reputation, which significantly influences buyer decisions. As you gather positive feedback from clients, it’s vital to showcase these reviews prominently on your digital platforms, including a dedicated business microsite. This specialized site serves as a focused display of positive client feedback, bolstering credibility and trust.SEO - Search Engine Optimization


Tools like Reveo can be instrumental in this process. Reveo provides a customizable widget that can be embedded on your website, allowing you to display reviews from various platforms such as Google and Facebook. This offers an authentic glimpse into customer satisfaction and tangible proof of your dealership’s high-quality service and products.


By leveraging these tools effectively, you’re doing more than just sharing reviews; you’re crafting a narrative of trust and reliability. When potential customers visit your website or microsite and encounter a multitude of positive reviews, it reassures them of your dealership’s credibility. This, in turn, has a significant impact on their purchasing decisions. In the digital age, your online reviews are just as critical as the quality of the cars on your showroom floor.


In car sales, having robust auto dealership reviews is as indispensable as the quality of your vehicles. Showcasing these reviews across various digital channels, including platforms like Google, Twitter, and Facebook, ensures that your exceptional service and product quality are highlighted to everyone. When potential customers see the wealth of positive reviews across these channels, it further reinforces your dealership’s reputation, influencing their purchasing choices.


Choosing the Right Management Tool


Reveo offers a mobile-friendly platform that significantly outperforms traditional methods in collecting auto dealership reviews. This enhanced review collection can improve local SEO and drive revenue growth. Consider a demo to explore how Reveo can transform your dealership’s online reputation management.


Effective online reputation management for car dealerships involves a strategic approach to customer reviews, transparent communication, and the use of sophisticated tools to gather and respond to customer feedback. This not only enhances the dealership’s reputation but also drives business growth.




In conclusion, the strategic management of online reviews is paramount for auto dealerships in the digital age. Dealerships can significantly enhance their online reputation by focusing on customer satisfaction, actively managing online narratives, and utilizing tools. This approach attracts potential customers and fosters trust and loyalty among existing ones. The incorporation of customer feedback into operational and service improvements further solidifies a dealership’s commitment to excellence. The automotive industry is ever-evolving. Adeptly managing online reviews will continue to be a key differentiator in a competitive market, driving reputation and business growth.


FAQs for Review Management for Auto Dealers:


How important are online auto dealership reviews?

Online auto dealership reviews are critical, with 95% of customers reading them before making a purchase. They significantly influence customer perceptions and decisions.


What strategies can I put in place to increase my auto dealership reviews and online reputation?

Dealerships can improve their online reputation by actively managing auto dealership reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. It is important to address negative feedback constructively and consistently gather and showcase positive reviews.


Can online reviews impact dealership sales?

Absolutely. Online auto dealership reviews directly impact trust and credibility. 74% of consumers say they increase trust in a company, thereby influencing customer decisions and potentially increasing sales.


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