Mobile App

The new Reveo Mobile App is an extension of our platform enabling businesses to be connected their customers and perspective leads anytime, anywhere.

Be there to interact with your customers in real-time

Business never stops. Customers are always looking to communicate. In order to manage reputation and customer experience in real-time, businesses must be able to listen to their customers on-the-go, no matter where they are.

Send Requests

Easily send review requests on the go, promptly respond to messages, and efficiently manage your inbox, with the mobile app.

Stay Connected

Stay responsive to your customers with instant notifications, ensuring you never overlook another lead, review, or message.

View Feedback

Effortlessly manage and monitor feedback through our mobile app, ensuring seamless customer connectivity.

Monitor Reviews

Access and respond to reviews on-the-go, engage with positive feedback, and address concerns promptly for customer satisfaction.

Anytime, anywhere

Never miss a lead inquiry or customers’ question again. Manage multiple apps like Google, Facebook and Instagram right from your easy-to use Reveo messaging inbox.

Download Now

Never miss another opportunity for a review, survey, lead or sms message. Reveo’s mobile app is an extension of your desktop making every interaction easy to manage, right from your inbox. It’s included in your Reveo subscription.



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