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Ashley Roberson Oxford Car & Truck

We know the value of a good Google review! We also know how hard it is to get a happy customer to take the time to leave a thoughtful review on behalf of our business. Root Reviews has provided the link between a business and it's customers, when it comes to getting more customers to leave a review. It took over 5 years for our company to get roughly 77 Google reviews. In just two short months, the Root Reviews text based review platform has help Oxford Car & Truck get 26 additional reviews. Additionally, we have received another 17 reviews spread out on our Facebook and pages! It's amazing how easy it is to use, giving our staff the ability to easily ask for and get reviews right at the time of sale. Now our perspective customers can truly see Oxford Car & Truck for who we really are, a great business with tons of happy customers served!

Mike Jackson Jackson Insurance Services
The BEST dashboard I have seen, easy to use and very effective. Just Search Jackson Insurance Services in Salt Lake City and see the results we have by using Root Reviews, 15 Reviews in THREE DAYS!!! Oh, did I mention the use of the dashboard is effortless. Just enter the choice customers smartphone number and/or email and start building positive reviews across the board, Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. The text message received looks professional with logo, message and a simple link. Root Reviews is a time saver!
Victoria Branscomb J. Brooks Jewelers

Getting anyone who is happy to leave a review seems to almost be impossible.  We have tried everything from email requests to just flat out asking them to leave us a review on Google or Facebook.  It never seemed to work.  Customers are busy and when they leave the store life takes over.  Someone with the best of intentions just never seems to find the time to sit down and leave a review.  Over the past seven years we had received 21 google reviews.  In the last two months, using Root Reviews, we have added 15 new "Google reviews and reviews at other sites like Facebook.  The process is so simple and easy to use.  As long as you remember to ask your customer to leave a review and take 10 seconds to explain the process, Root Reviews text based review platform will put your customer right on the review site of their choice where they can rate, type and post a review in 60 seconds or less.  Getting reviews has never been easier!

Steve Kirchen BTC Insurance

Root Reviews been a great company to work with! Their text based review platform has helped me go from never being able to get Google reviews, to getting 27 reviews in three months. My click through rate on reviews is 60%, effectively getting my customers directly to my Google page is just a couple of clicks on their cell phone. This product has been a huge break through in getting those valuable customer reviews for perspective customers to see.

Jay Barbar Auto Mart USA

Root reviews is a great tool to build your social media review base on sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp. They even have the ability for our customers to leave reviews on niche review platforms like Their text based review platform makes is so simple for our staff to ask for reviews from customers, and most importantly, for our customers to easily leave us a review, once they have tried our service. As a matter of fact, we have received over 50 Google reviews in just two months. It took us 5 years to get that many reviews before we started using Root Reviews!