9 Fail-Proof Tips to Maximize Your Reviews


    So you want more reviews, huh? First, good for you! It’s important to recognize the heavy values that reviews hold for your business.

    Without further ado, here are the top tips for maximizing your reviews and making the most out of your testimonials:


Ask In Person

    Perhaps one of the quickest and most effective ways of maximizing the number and quality of reviews that you’re receiving is to simply ask for them in person. No matter what business you run, you have a chance of meeting your client face to face. Whether they’re leaving your brick-and-mortar or walking away from your business meeting, there’s an opportunity for you to ask them for feedback.

    If they’re leaving your retail store, have your employees seek an opportunity to ask for a review by asking the customer how their shopping experience was, or asking them a few open-ended questions about their selected product. Of course, jumping on the first thing they say with a demand for a review comes across as pushy and insensitive, so make sure the employees know to insert the suggestion at the end of the conversation.

If you’re walking away from your client at the end of a meeting, your chances of getting a review after asking are much higher. At that point, you’ve built a relationship with the client, and you have a bond of trust with them. As courtesy goes, they’ll probably be thanking you and expressing their happiness at the interaction. That’s the time for you to mention your gratefulness for their feedback and how much it would help you out if they took a moment to leave a review for you.


Post Signs

    Sometimes you’ll have customers that simply don’t want to discuss their experience. Perhaps if you’re running a clinic, a school, a restaurant, or a store, your chance for asking the person for a review isn’t as straightforward as it seems. One of the painless ways to ask for a review is to post a sign. Make something eye-catching, put it out on a nice sign, and let the feedback roll in.

    Believe it or not, you’ll have some customers who won’t remember being asked to leave a review but will easily remember the visual cues of the sign, or perhaps some will take photos of the sign to remind themselves later to hop online for a review.


Make It Easy To Connect

    One of the mistakes that a lot of small business owners make is just not being online, or if they are online, they use the review sites that no one knows about. Make it easy and convenient for customers to find you; find the websites that most people use, and create accounts for those. Yelp and Google are your friends - people leave reviews on there because they know that other people will look at those sites for them. All you need to do is to be on them.

    Similarly, make sure that people know that you’re on that website. Post signs or leave information that says, “We’re on Yelp!” This will not only refresh your customers’ minds that they can leave reviews, it also tells them what websites you care about for them to leave feedback on.


Respond To Negative Reviews

    Ideally, we would never get negative reviews. But as life has it, sometimes things go wrong, and sometimes people choose to leave negative reviews to document their experience. One of the worst things you can do is to ignore it. It won’t go away, you can see the negative review as a chance to improve your business, and you can use it to show any potential client that you care about customer service. For ideas on how to respond to bad reviews, check here. [link article]


Respond To Positive Reviews

    While replying to negative reviews may seem like common sense, replying to positive reviews is a less considered idea that can be just as effective. You may think to yourself that a positive review speaks for yourself, so why should you invest time in responding. The simple answer? It comes back to customer service and online presence.

    Anyone who is considering using your business will often check reviews first, and even if they see glowing reviews, if there’s not a response on any of them, they’ll feel like your customer base isn’t being supported. If someone was planning on leaving a review but sees that there are no responses on any of the other positive ones, they might also feel as though your company doesn’t care how they feel. Responding to the positive reviews as well as the negative ones is the easiest way to show people that you do care.


Place Testimonials On Your Front Page

    Where does a customer look when they’re considering buying? - Your homepage! Placing your customers’ testimonials on the front page is the most straightforward, one-stop only for your customers to view positive reviews. A business whose front page doesn’t have a single, “What Our Customers Are Saying” is a scary sight indeed. Even if the potential client doesn’t actually take the time to read any of the testimonials, it gives them peace of mind that your business is tried and true.


Have A Customer’s Voice Web Page

    While Google and Yelp are great at having the reviews and being trusted by millions of people, they don’t always show the exact review you want to be posted at the top. That’s why you can build your own separate page for reviews and testimonials. Not only does it allow you to show exactly what you want it to show, but it allows you the opportunity to expand on the testimonials.

If you choose to invest time on a separate page, then you can reach out to some loyal customer of yours and ask for pictures of them, which builds trust and helps potential clients connect with your existing ones. You can also expand on the review or case for each of your customers.


Run A Contest

    One of the quickest ways to generate excitement and attention is to run a contest. Post on your webpage or in the store that you’re hosting a competition. The winner could get a discount or a free product, etc., and all the customer must do is submit a testimonial. (Take Care not to ask them to submit a positive testimonial only; we want real results here!)

If you have a store that’s running this competition, send out your email with some coupons that encourage your client to come in, spend money, and then write for your competition.


Follow Up

     Out of sight, out of mind is a popular mindset. For some people, the moment they walk out of your store is the last moment they think about your company. The thought of leaving a review, even if it was stressed in person, doesn’t cross their minds. Even if it was stressed in person, they simply don’t remember it when they’re at home. That’s where a follow up can be useful.

The least instructive follow up is to simply put a feedback request on their receipt. Unfortunately, most people aren’t looking at their paper receipts anymore, even if it makes it past the exit door.

The next step is to send an email or text message as a follow-up. Chances are, if your client has enough time to check their phone or computer to see if there’s an email or text, they’ll have enough time to submit some feedback for you.


Hire A Review Management Company

     Let’s be honest here, if you’re running a company, then you’re a busy person. Why not consider hiring a company that does it all for you?  Reveo can simplify the process of obtaining and managing reviews for you; you still get the control that you need, but instead of hopping from account to account to see what’s happening, you can manage everything in real time on one easy to use dashboard. And the best part about Reveo? It costs a fraction of the amount that its competitors charge; you’re getting more bang for your buck.


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