Reveo Vision

Reveo is focused on the development of new frontiers in science and technology. It was founded by Dr. Sadeg Faris , a prolific inventor with a successful track record of taking new technologies to the marketplace. He established Reveo with the mission to invent the frontiers of science and technology and turn them into products for the benefit of humanity. Since commencing operations in 1991, Reveo has successfully built R&D and management infrastructure composed of a team of talented scientists, engineers, and business leaders. Our numerous discoveries and important inventions have led to a powerful patent portfolio and the introduction of revolutionary products to the marketplace.

Reveo practices the InventQbation Business Model, which is a process that has the following steps:

1. Search for significant problems facing society that no one else can solve.

2. Invent solutions to the problems.

3. Demonstrate proof of concept, seek patent protection, and nurture these solutions.

4. Find strategic partners to develop commercial products.

5. Spin out a subsidiary that exclusively acquires the intellectual property portfolio from its parent to succeed in its mission to commercialize the solutions.

Therefore, InventQbation means invent, nurture, incubate, and commercialize. Several companies have already been InventQbated . They are:

  • VRex, Inc.
  • Chelix Technologies Corp.
  • eVionyx, Inc.
  • Xellerion, Inc.
  • PetaComm, Inc.

Reveo quickly realized that carrying out its mission required a focused and disciplined business organization to take advantage of the diverse commercial opportunities and products evolving from its research and development programs. To provide the necessary framework, Reveo has developed a strategy, called the Edison Technology Portfolio (ETP) Strategy , to spin out subsidiaries that focus exclusively on particular technology applications and bring products to the marketplace. Reveo incubates new technologies using internal seed financing and research contracts until the product development stage is reached, at which point a new ETP company is spun out.