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Easily get more positive reviews from your happy customers.

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As the number of reviews increases at your most important social sites, it helps promote your business on search engines. Additionally, these reviews bring credibility to online searchers, increasing conversions, customers and your bottom line.

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Manage Where You Get Reviews

Promote reviews to happy customers by proactively sending them to the most important social sites for your business. Root Reviews' platform makes is seamless between the business and customer to get happy customers to leave a review.

Simple & Intelligent Platform

Engage with your customers in real-time, when they are the most engaged in their transaction with your business, by sending them a review invitationvia text message that they can fill out in seconds.

Choose The Way You Send Review Invitations

Choose the delivery method that works best for your business. Stay in front of customer feedback with real-time text notifications, informing you that a customer has left a review, so you can respond timely.

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Easily collect new positive reviews with Reveo's real-time feedback review invitations. Engaging with customers in the moment, makes it easy for them to write a review.

Real-Time Reviews

Our platform makes it easy to engage with customers in real-time, when the customer has a moment to write you a review, providing valuable feedback to the business, while adding more positive reviews for online searchers to see. The more positive reviews you have translates into higher ratings, more customers, and a bigger bottom line.

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"Reveo has been a valuable asset to our company, as it has simplified the process in which we obtain reviews. In the past, getting a positive review was an extremely difficult challenge."

Justin Ruuth

Just In Time Moving

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