Reveo Portfolio

The InventQbation business model invents, nurtures, and develops technologies. Each technology is commercialized by InventQbating the subsidiary (spin out) as listed below:

Reveo Constellation

Reveo has developed a strategy, called the Edison Technology Portfolio (ETP) Strategy, to spin out (that is, incubate) subsidiaries that focus exclusively on a particular technology application. This involves selecting a portfolio of significant technologies that will be developed and introduced to the marketplace. Many technologies have been identified and selected for inclusion in the ETP. Three of them have been spun out as independent companies after satisfying the ETP criteria. These technologies are stereoscopic imaging (VRex), fuel cells (eVionyx), cholesteric liquid crystals (Chelix), and optical communication components (PetaComm).

Reveo is developing many new technologies that will be spun-off as independent companies in the coming years. These include Massive Fillo Leaf Technology, Ultra-High DRAM Technology, Glare Blocking Technology, High-Resolution Multi-Channel Plate, and Water Desalinization Technology. Reveo believes that this strategy will foster innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Each division is empowered to make its own decisions thereby increasing efficiency, but has the benefits of the support of a large organization. This strategy promotes higher focus on a specific market and leverages the value of the company. The ETP companies that have already been successfully launched have already established different divisions to further focus on specific market segments due to the depth of their patent portfolios.



VRex, Inc. was founded in 1993 to market exclusive 3D stereoscopic products to consumers and professionals in market segments that include multimedia, virtual reality, medical imaging, education, and teleconferencing. The 3D stereoscopic products greatly enhance images by preserving the depth information (that is, the third dimension), thereby providing compatibility with the stereovision of humans.


The mission of eVionyx, Inc. is to harness its patented Fuel Cell Battery technology to be the standard rechargeable battery technology for all portable electronic devices including cellular phones, portable computers, and other forms of personal communication devices. The company also plans to scale the technology for use in zero-emission electric vehicles and power sources for homes, businesses and factories.


Chelix Technologies Corp. was established to focus on the research, development, manufacture, and marketing of advanced ultra-high performance applications and products based on Cholesteric Liquid Crystal (CLC) materials. Products with significant market potential include ultra-high capacity optical storage disks, high brightness LCD displays, smart windows, and broadband reflective polarizers. These products span several diverse market segments.


PetaComm, Inc was formed to offer optical connectivity solutions. PetaComm offers unique and intelligent optical switching solutions that will set global technology leadership in building scalable and mass manufacturable liquid crystal based cross-connects and other optical component solutions to meet the demands of intelligent optical networks.