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Malaysia’s InventQjaya Becomes New World Leader in Clean Electric Vehicle Technology.

CYBERJAYA MALAYSIA., (October 10, 2003) - Malaysia today became the world’s new leader in electric vehicle technology when InventQjaya (IQJ) demonstrated 2 World’s Firsts by:

Two more patents (U.S.6,617,987, EP873537B1) issued to Reveo

ELMSFORD, N.Y. (September 26, 2003) - U.S. Patent No. 6,617,987 , entitled "Electron beam excited superconducting analog-to-digital converter", issued on September 9, 2003 to Dr. Faris. The claimed A/D conversion systems and methods are based on high critical temperature (HTc) superconductivity and produce performance levels orders of magnitude higher than what was thought possible using conventional low Tc Josephson junction devices.

One more patent (U.S.6,605,391) issued to Reveo

ELMSFORD, NEW YORK (August 18, 2003) - Reveo announces that U.S. Patent No. 6,605,391 issued on August 12, 2003 entitled "Solid Gel Membrane". Congratulations to Dr. Muguo Chen, Dr. Tsepin Tsai Dr. Lin-Feng Li, Dr. Yuen-Ming Chang and former employee Dr. Wayne Yao. This patent is the second US Patent to issue in its family, extending eVionyx's protection of its membrane, and it has many related US patent applications and foreign counterparts.

Reveo-Malaysia Fast Track Program Successes Demonstrated to Prime Minister

July 10, 2003 (Elmsford, NY) - The mission of the Fast Track Program was to be a “Jump Start” for the InventQjaya project and accelerate certain technologies to ready them for commercialization. Six months into the program, Reveo and its US-Malaysian research team showed many marked successes and demonstrated them to the Malaysian government, including Dr. Mahathir.

The Fast Track Program started with many clear goals and the team has met and exceeded all of them. The projects started in the Fast Track program are :

Two more patents (U.S.6,577,798 , U.S.6,573,961) issued to Reveo

June 10, 2003 (Elmsford, NY) - Reveo announces that U.S. Patent No. 6,577,798 issued on June 10, 2003 entitled "Method for producing non-linear optical organic crystal film". This patent allows manufacture of non-linear organic material with crystalline orientations without the need for expensive liquid crystal material - substantially any organic material that exhibits non-linear optical properties and forms crystals may be used, with material costs much less than the liquid crystal counterparts.

Three more patents (U.S.6,563,553 , U.S.6,562,504 , U.S.6,562,494) issued to Reveo

May 29, 2003, (Elmsford, NY) - US Patent No. 6,563,553 issued on May 13, entitled "Flat Panel Display and Method of Manufacture" Congratulations to Dr. Faris. The invention of this patent features an electro-optical image display system including an array of beam steering elements arranged in the form of a logic tree structure. Each beam steering element comprises a passive CLC element and an electrically active CLC element, and is controllable for steering said electromagnetic beam within the image display device.

Reveo Laboratories has been awarded a contract from DARPA entitled, "MFT Multi-Fillo Layer Technology"

May 20, 2003 (Elmsford, NY) - Reveo Laboratories has been awarded a contract from DARPA entitled, "MFT Multi-Fillo Layer Technology." This is to be the first phase of a multi-phased program to develop Reveo’s invention of a set of processes and techniques that allow for very dense packing of silicon-based devices and structures. These processes and techniques are collectively called Multi Filo-layer Technology or MFT.


May 7, 2003 (Elmsford, NY)  - Due to the tremendous success of the First Annual Reveo Open House held on March 7th, and because a snowstorm prevented many people from attending, Reveo will host another Open House on May 13, 2003. This Open House is being held for those who would consider being candidates to participate in the corporate and scientific technical advisory boards of Reveo and its subsidiaries.


March 30, 2003 (White Plaines, NY)  - In an article by The Journal News, Reveo was listed as THIRD in overall patents in the region after IBM Corporation and CIBA Specialty Chemicals.

Reveo holds First Annual Open House and hosts scientific luminaries in consideration as scientific advisors and board directors.

Reveo held its First Annual Open House at Reveo’s Headquarters located at 85 Executive Boulevard in Elmsford, New York on March 6, 2003 for dinner and March 7, 2003

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